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[ and this is goodnight from me, should have come on earlier …but video games. ]

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Karen Gillan for Interview Magazine

Karen Gillan for Interview Magazine

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This Friday, see what critics are saying is the “Best Marvel Movie Ever” - get tickets now! 


This Friday, see what critics are saying is the “Best Marvel Movie Ever” - get tickets now

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"I mean, yeah. It takes a couple months for the vessel to get to the point where they’d die, but if it’s a pinch we can get permission, hop in, do what needs to be done, and hop back out again in a matter of days. To be fair, it’s the smartest system we’ve got. If I wasn’t in this body and you saw my true form, you’d burn up. I’m a mass of celestial intent that’s larger than the biggest building on earth. I’m ‘Lucifer the Morningstar’ because I shine brighter than the sun. Tell me, Doctor, can you look into the heart of a sun from a few feet away and live to tell the tale?"

"Okay, that is rather impressive I admit. You’d probably be able to step on a Pyroville. And to answer your question, yes I can —-with a space suit, obviously. I had part of a sun inside me once as well, now that did hurt but I lived to tell the tale… And frankly, a sun is nothing compared to looking into the heart of the time vortex."

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What if Clara swore a lot?

you rectum sponge

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"Clara tell me - am I a good man?"

The new Doctor lands, Saturday 23rd August on bbcone.

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  Braxiatel rolled his eyes at the comment, “Don’t start with all that down-with-the-patriarchy nonsense, you’re far too old to be a punk. You know there are far more governments in the universe who are more of a political embarrassment than the Rassilon. Believe me. Besides, you know I hadn’t officially worked for the Gallifreyan government since Pandak seven died, the very same day you left, actually. Oh, the poor dear. Frightful way to go, that.” his tone was less than sympathetic, as was the rather wry smirk tugging at his lips.


"I’m not …I’m not a punk! I don’t even look remotely like a punk.” He gestured to his attire with jolted, angry movements. Normally he wouldn’t mind being called a punk, but it wit was by him and he didn’t like it. “Officially, no. But it doesn’t mean you weren’t there pulling some strings. You could have damn well stopped them and we both know it.” He pointed at him between the eyes and frowned at his smirk.