Of course I dream ;
I dream of all the things to come
∂σ¢тσя | тíмє ℓσя∂ | 1426

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уσυ ѕєє тнєѕє EYES?

тнєу'яє σ ℓ ∂ єуєѕ.

αη∂ Θɴε τħίɴĢ ι ¢αη тєℓℓ уσυ...


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"Aha, ooo an interesting bunch you are aren’t you! Let’s see, have you tried fish fingers and custard? It’s brilliant! Also I’m the Doctor! I see a few of you should already know that though, since you know …reasons. Still nice to meet all you all the same."

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    "Believe me, I was just as shocked when he agreed to come with me. Blimey, you got served tea by regular Daleks? You are...
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    "Oh look at you! A Dalek butler-maid thingymabob, never would have dreamt about that in a million years …that said there...
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    "Oh, I can’t really complain. We’re working at Torchwood — both of us, if you could even believe that. And we’ve a...